Highway 129 runs through "main town" Anatone.

Anatone is an unincorporated community in Asotin County, Washington.

Because it is not tracked by the U.S. Census, a Census population estimate is not available. However the citizens of Anatone perform a population census themselves and update the sign every summer. Anatone is assigned the ZIP code 99401.

As of 2000, an estimated 221 people lived in areas served by the Anatone Post Office, in 167 housing units. As of January 1st, 2010, there are 38 people in the town of Anatone, WA.

Anatone is part of the Lewiston, ID-WA Metropolitan Statistical Area.



Sign outside of Anatone, with it's population.

In 1877, a number of settlers arrived and built cabins on Asotin Flat near present day Anatone. By the end of the 1870s contemporary accounts put the population of the area between Anatone and Asotin between 200 and 400.

Anatone established its first business in 1878 and was an early important trading post, but the town itself was not platted until 1901. Although Anatone is the third largest town in Asotin County, its population over the years appears to have never exceeded 100 or so people.


Anatone is located south of Asotin in southeastern Washington.


Anatone is a working class agricultural area. Primary crop grown in the area is wheat. There is a cafe at the south side of town, otherwise no other services are available.


Anatone has no local media, except for that of the Lewiston Tribune, located in Idaho.


Highway 129 runs through the town of Anatone. It connects Anatone to Asotin and Clarkston