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Cloverland Garage.

 is an unincorporated community in Asotin CountyWashington. Cloverland is 11.5 miles southwest of Asotin.

History Edit

Cloverland residents originally tried to plant orchards, but lack of irrigation made that plan fail. By 1910, Cloverland had 400 citizens.

The Cloverland Garage was built in 1902. The building served as a store and dance hall until 1918 when the the building became an automotive garage. Fred Walter, the owner of the garage, turned the building into an auto shop, a gas station, and a Chevy / Buick dealership. Walter moved to a farm locally in 1928 and services were less frequent until they ended. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 2, 1986.

The Barkley Hotel is located across the street, and is now a private residence.

Cloverland used to be on the main road between Wallowa, Oregon and Lewiston, Idaho.

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