Gamblewood is a community at the south end of Port Gamble Bay, in Kitsap County, Washington. The community is a home owners association officially called the Gamblewood Community Club Home Owners Association. They collect a annual due for services and maintenance.

Geography Edit

Located directly south of Gamblewood is Striebels Corner. To the north is Little Boston and Port Gamble. To the south is Suquamish and the Port Madison Reservation. To the west is forest, Breidablick, Four Corners, and Lofall. To the east is Kingston.

History Edit

The Gamblewood Community Club HOA was first established in 1967, with divisions added over the following years to include a neighborhood of over 400 lots. As of 2017, there were approximately 375 residents.

Parks and Recreation Edit

The community has a playground park and a private waterfront park. All parks open in the morning and close at dusk.

Events Edit

The community has two annual events including a barbecue in June and a community garage sale in June.

Transportation Edit

The community is most easily accessed off of Hwy 104, about a quarter mile north of the intersection with Bond Road/Hwy 307

Media Edit

The Gamblewood Community Club HOA runs a community magazine called the Gameblewood Gazette.

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