Gilbert was a mining camp settlement located in Okanogan County, Washington.

Geography Edit

The community sat along North Creek which flowed into the Twisp River.  Access to the townsite can be reached using National Forestry Road 4440 and driving deep into the Cascade Mountains.

Far to the south is Stehekin, not connected by road. Winthrop is located far away to the east and Barron far away to the north. Nothing but wilderness to the west.

History Edit

The community was settled in the mid 1890s due to a mining boom at the area.  At the town's peak, Gilbert had a dozen buildings.  As the mining declined, people moved away and the nature reclaimed the community. As of 2012, little remains of the settlement.  One cabin remains standing with another partially ruined.  Frames and tools can still be found in the area.

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