Govan, Washington.

is a community in Lincoln County, Washington.

History Edit

Govan once was a small farming community that flourished in the late 1880s. By the early 1900's, the town was large enough to boast a post office, school, two churches, and several businesses, and in 1909 had a population of 114.

A fire in 1927 devastated the business district, and many stores chose not to rebuild. The 1933 bypass of the town by Highway 2 hastened the town's demise, and the school closed in 1942. The post office and final business closed in 1967. The better means of travel to other, larger communities also played a large part in the towns decline. Farming was also on the decline in this region, as less farmers needed to work, and farms got larger with less people.

As of 2010, Govan has a population of 4. The town is still busy, with its elevators acting as a shipping point for grain from the surrounding farmland.

Geography Edit

To the west is Almira and Hanson. To the east is Wilbur. Highway 2 runs east to west, north of the community.

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