Hay's former downtown district. 2015.


Hay Church. 2015.

 is an unincorporated community in Whitman CountyWashington. Hay is 9.5 miles south of LaCrosse. It sits at an elevation of 1,039 feet above sea level and is just north of Lake Bryan. Alkali Flat Creek runs through town. The population is estimated to be below 100 people.

There are no businesses in town. An old church is in town and a cemetery overlooks the settlement to the east. The main road through town is John Henley Road. A few silo's are located at the west end of town. The majority of the settlement is residential with jobs being agricultural based. The town post office closed down in the 2000s and now must be handled in LaCrosse.

Policing is done by the Whitman County Sheriff's Office. The nearest hospitals are in Pullman or Colfax.


Intersection into Hay.

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