Hoh from a 2015 satellite image.

Hoh is a tiny community in north-western Jefferson CountyWashington on the western coast of the United States. It sits north of the Hoh River and is east of the former town of Oil City. Fossil Creek runs through the community into the Hoh River. The town can only be accessed by Oil City Road. The elevation is about 50 feet above sea level. The coordinates are 47.749706, -124.405087. Very few people live in this remote area today.

History Edit

When Oil City had hope of prospering, a road was built to the community. Today the road ends in Hoh, and a trail must be hiked to Oil City. In 1942, the Hoh/Oil City lookout tower was completed, but has sense been removed. The area prospered with logging as the main employment and today has just a few people living in the remote area.

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