Kerriston. 1928.


Kerriston's Japanese village. Early 1900s photo.

was once town located in King County, Washington. It was located four miles west of Cedar Falls

Geography Edit

Kerriston sits at an elevation 1,260 feet above sea level alongside the Raging River. The geographical coordinates are 47° 27' 18" North, 121° 51' 23" West.

History Edit

A railroad station called Kerriston, named after president of the Kerry Timber Company, was established in 1900 but was moved six miles in 1904 when the original Kerriston station became known as Hemlock. t was named for A. S. Kerry, president of Kerry Timber Company, which cut timber in the early 1900's. A post office was established in 1903/04. The town's main industry was logging cedar trees and producing bricks. Kerriston bricks were widely used in the early 1900's. The town began to decline in the 1930's before finally being abandoned.

Only some foundations remain today. 

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