Leadpoint is a ghost town in Stevens CountyWashington. The town is located in the mountains southeast of Northport.  The coordinates are a latitude of 48.909 and a longitude of -117.587.  The area is at an elevation of 2,129 feet above sea level.  

Electric Point Mine in Leadpoint. Unknown date. The mine produced from 1901 to 1955.

Leadpoint was a mining town founded during the 1890s. High grade lead was discovered in the area which led to the creation of Leadpoint. Leadpoint had a population of 200 at it's peak and had a hotel, general store, barber shop, and several other businesses. At least two seperate mining companies ran in Leadpoint; the Gladstone Mine and the Electric Point Mine.  Eventually, Leadpoint became a ghost town when the Electric Point Mine shut down in 1955.

The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail passes through Leadpoint along its 1,200 mile journey from the Continental Divide in Montana to the Pacific Ocean in Washington.