Historic Orient School.

 is a small unincorporated community in northeastern Ferry CountyWashington. The Kettle River flows to the east of the town and marks the border with Stevens County. A BNSF rail line runs through the town alongside U.S. Route 395. The population was 115 in 2010, up from 113 in 2000.

History  Edit

Orient was the endpoint of a cable bucket tramway completed in 1892 that ran from the First Thought Mine. The First Thought Mine closed down in 1942.[3]

Orient was first settled in 1900 by Alec Ireland and by George Temple in 1901.

Other mines, which were located in the area, Hidden Treasure mine, Red Lion mine, Copper butte mine, Globe mine, and Scotia mine.

Historic Landmark Edit

Orient is served by Orient School District No. 65. The district offers classes from kindergarten to grade 8. The Orient School building is one of the oldest continuously used schoolhouses in Washington state. It was built in 1910.

Enrollment as of 2004 was 88.

Enrollment as of 2014 was 33.

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