Rantz from the Columbia River.


Rantz satellite view.

, or Rantz Marina, is a tiny community in Lincoln County, Washington. It is located next to Wynhoff Canyon, and can be accessed by boat or Martin Canyon Road. The address to the community would be listed as part of Wilbur.

The community is located along the Columbia River, and has just a small handful of homes. The main roads in town are Rantz Park Lane N, Brougher Lane E, and Friedlander Lane E. A small cover is in the center of the community, as well as a dock and beach. The community has no services or businesses and is not actually named on maps. Locals may call it by a different name then Rantz, since it is given a Wilbur address.

Geography Edit

Hanson Harbor is to the west, the Columbia River to the north and east, and Sherman, Wilbur, and Creston to the south. The coordinates are, 47.916066, -118.550672.

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