Downtown Ruby, 1894.

 is a ghost town in Okanogan CountyWashington. Silver was discovered in 1886 on the slopes of Ruby Mountain and Peacock Hill. By 1887 a mining district was created and a camp grew up beside Salmon Creek. This camp was called Ruby, or Ruby City. Ruby had a population of 700. By 1888, 70 buildings were located along the main street. In 1889, Ruby was declared the county seat. A publication called the Ruby Miner advertised the mineral richness of the area. When the Panic of 1893 caused silver prices to plummet, Ruby was slowly abandoned, and by 1940, it was empty. Today Ruby is a ghost town. Some old foundations and land plots can still be seen, but no full buildings remain. It is mostly all overgrown by trees.

The site is located south of Conconully

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