Simcoe Mountains.

The Simcoe Mountains is a mountain range in Klickitat County and Yakima County, Washington. The highest peak is Indian Rock.

History Edit

Fort Simcoe was established at the base of the mountains in the late 1850s.

Geography Edit

The range is located mostly within the Yakama Indian Reservation, between Goldendale and Toppenish. The area is roughly 1,000 square miles, about 47 miles north to south and 49 miles east to west.

Highest Peaks Edit

Peak Height (ft)
Indian Rock 5845
Castle Rock 5656
Potato Butte 5178
Stagman Butte 5166
Smith Butte 4858
Simcoe Butte 4798
Sheep Butte 4422
Satus Peak 4182
Kaiser Butte 4165
McKays Butte 4038

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