Tokio, Washington. Andrew Filer photo.

Tokio is a area in Adams County, Washington. There are grain elevators today used by farmers in the area along the East Danekas Road.

History Edit

The old town of Tokio had many names before its current one; Ione, Plainsville, and Siyption.

In 1998, a huge field fire about 89,000 acres burned down the last remaining buildings: train depot, general store, and a old town house. The towns population peak was about 550.

Today all that is left of the town is a cellar from the old train depot and some elevators still in use.


Tokio is located just slightly north of Interstate 90 that connects it to Spokane and Seattle. Directly east of Tokio is Keystone, Pifer, Palm Lake, and Sprague. A bit further east is Spokane. Northwest of Tokio is Marcellus and Packard. Southwest is Ritzville. Southeast is Teske, and to the north is Mohler and Harrington.